30 Day Bone Broth Challenge (In Store Pick Up)

30 Day Bone Broth Challenge (In Store Pick Up)

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Bone Broth has tremendous health benefits, and the best way to see results is to include it in your diet on a consistent basis - so we created the 30 Day Challenge!

8oz a day for 30 days. It's that simple.

You get a refillable glass jug (64oz, or 8 servings). Come in each week for a refill and choose from our 4 flavors: Original, Garlic + Herb, Curry-Turmeric or Moroccan!

When you pre-pay for your Challenge, you get an additional 2 servings for free! (8 servings per jug x 4 refills = 32 servings) - You can share the goodness with a friend or just keep the extra for yourself!

Purchase online or in store - call ahead for specific Broth flavors. (We rotate our 2 tap flavors daily).

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