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OPEN 7 DAYS! Open late Mon - Thurs until 7:00PM
OPEN 7 DAYS! Open late Mon - Thurs until 7:00PM

One on One Coaching with Amanda

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In her 2016 TEDx Talk, Amanda Vargas describes how she took control of her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis through diet change and supplementation.  Now, in 2019, she is helping others figure out the best way to take control of their own dis-ease through personalized one on one coaching after 10 years of living relapse free.

Managing a chronic health condition isn't just about eating right and exercising, but figuring out other disease causation and resolving those issues to release stress and disease from the body.  Amanda has developed a 6 week course to help you break through the mentality that is holding you back from healing from within.

If you're tired of running in circles with no answers and diet change on its own hasn't gotten you to where you'd like to be, its time to take it a step further with one on one coaching.

Coaching includes:

1. FREE 30 Minute Consultation

2. 1 Hour In Take and Overview

3. Personalized 6 Week Program designed to use Clean Eating, CBD and Mindset exercises and other health modalities

4. Weekly 1 Hour in person or online coaching around your schedule

5.  A 6 week supply of various CBD products

6. Deep discounts on a meal prep package in 2020


Spaces are limited - if you'd like to learn more and receive a free 30 minute consultation, select "Consultation" and Amanda will reach out to discuss your options. Payment plans available.