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What Does Fettle + Fare's Meal Prepping Service Offer?

Like many other meal prepping companies, we offer you the convenience of providing homemade meals so you can save time on cooking + cleaning up and spend more time on what really matters - you and your family.

Perks of Meal Prepping with Fettle + Fare:

1. Your food is already pre-cooked and ready to reheat in microwave safe containers or is easily transferable for those who prefer to use the oven.

2.  We are 100% Gluten Free + Dairy Free, so you never have to worry about cross contamination.  Our ingredients are 90-95% Organic (because sometimes, certain items just aren't available, but we work with several distributors to make sure this happens very rarely!)

3. We offer FREE meal prep consultations where you can come in and discuss you and your family's needs, restrictions and preferences and personalize your meal prep, just for you!

Check out our menu below and feel free contact us with any questions or submit an order below!