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5 Reasons Why Fettle + Fare is Your Best Option for Food Right Now

5 Reasons Why Fettle + Fare is Your Best Option for Food Right Now

  1. We Actually Care.  We care about a lot of things, all the time. That’s why we have the best reputation in town when it comes to taking care of people. That trickles down from the top.  Amanda has been on a mission to keep people healthy since day one. Some people may not be taking virus precautions seriously - but we are, because we are the best at what we do. You can rest assured that we are doing the best job in keeping you safe
  2. We have the most nutrient dense food options available.  A healthy immune system is key right now.  Foods like pizza, fast food, or too much sugar deplete your body’s ability to fight infection. We need to feed ourselves on a cellular level with plenty of veggies and easily digestible foods like soups that will keep our bodies strong. From Grandma Audrey’s Chicken Soup to the powerhouse Vegan GREEN Soup, your body will be ready to do its job and keep you healthy. Ask about our 64oz Family Size Soup Buckets.
  3. Small Staff, Less Contact.  We only have 4 employees total. We are taking steps to all stay safe and healthy! Chances are you will only have 1 delivery driver during this uncertain time, lowering your frequency of contact. Going to the grocery store has you swimming in a pool of people, touching surfaces and probably even experiencing some parking lot fights! Ditch all that mess and let us make your food for you with quick and easy pick up or delivery.
  4. Bulk Ordering Everyone Will Love. WIth us, you can order in bulk for the week - the food we make for you will last 5 days in the fridge and most can easily be frozen for later.  The best part is we have something for everyone. If you have dietary restrictions, we will walk you through all of your options. If you are not the typical “healthy eater,” I assure you our Grass-fed Beef Chili or Meatball Parm Wrap will knock your socks off.  And for the kids? Our Pasta and Meatballs or Bolegnese will be a home run every time. And new to our menu, our Vegan Mac + Cheese will be everyone’s new favorite side!
  5. Reliability. Let’s face it, this whole game is changing every single day. We don’t know how all the businesses will be affected yet - but we’ve already taken steps to ensure you can get what you need from us each week.  Our adjusted hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 - 4 and we are delivering Monday - Thursday afternoons.  If you can’t get here because of your schedule or childcare hiccups, just call and we will get it to you.  


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